CompetitiveAs a former competitive skater and US Figure Skating Gold Medalist in Figures, Freestyle, and Ice Dance, taking dedicated young students and helping them to grow and compete at the highest levels is my greatest thrill.  Seeing my students achieve their dreams and become Gold Medalists themselves, tour the world with national and international ice shows, or embrace coaching as a career, is always rewarding and humbling.

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RecreationalFrom those first hesitant steps onto the ice to the confident grace of a child joyfully stepping into the spotlight for his or her first exhibition, having a coach who understands how to teach proper technique and develop fundamental skills while ensuring the child's interest and enthusiasm is vital. Whatever your child's goals, more than anything I want to help them embrace skating as a sport they can enjoy throughout their life. 

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Ice Dance

Ice DanceThe beauty of Ice Dancing is that it is a discipline for all ages. Drawing from the world of ballroom dancing, it requires skill, precision, and grace in the execution of carefully choreographed movements that the skater initially learns as a solo dancer before later coordinating with a partner. This complex but increasingly popular discipline has both competitive and recreational aspects, and can bring a lifetime of joy to the ice.  

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Jayne Meyer ThrockmortonWhatever your purpose in visiting — whether you want to learn more about me or simply have a general interest in the sport of figure skating — I hope you'll find this site useful.  Skating has been the centerpiece of my life since I was a child, and I am always excited to share this enduring passion with others.

For those who are thinking about taking up skating, the right place to start is usually through the group classes offered by your local ice arena. Of course, depending on your interests, goals, and level of progress, you may at some point start thinking about taking private lessons.  If so, this site is for you. 

Whether you are new to private lessons, have just moved into the area, or are thinking of making a switch from your current coach, the goal of this site is to help you make an informed decision.  As I explain under Choosing a Coach, there are many factors to consider when deciding who should be your instructor. The more you know about me, my coaching philosophy, and the accomplishments of my many terrific and incredibly talented students both past and present, the easier it will be to decide if I might be the right instructor for you or your child.  

If you are a new student, or perhaps are already taking lessons from me, this site includes some essential information regarding my policies and practices, as well as payment options. Please note, unlike most other coaches in the Roseville area, I am an independent contractor and not an employee of Skatetown or any other facility, therefore certain policies and provisions are unique to me and my business. 

Again, thank you for visiting.  See you on the ice


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Rink Schedules

Skatetown LogoWhen planning for lessons and practice, be sure to check the Skatetown web site for the current  Freestyle, Public Session, and Coffee Club schedules. These schedules change seasonally, as well as for school holidays and special events.

Qualifications US Figure Skating Gold Medal

  • US Figure Skating Gold Medalist - Figures and Freestyle
  • US Figure Skating Gold Medalist - Ice Dance
  • Master PSA Free Skating Instructor
  • Master PSA Figure Instructor
  • Master PSA Moves in the Field Instructor
  • PSA Level III Ranking
  • Bachelor of Arts, Coaching & Sports Management
  • ISI Gold Judge
  • ISI Synchronized Team Judge